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Decentralized NFT Marketplace

The first truly decentralized NFT Marketplace on Solana. Among other things, your NFT does not leave your wallet when you list it.

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Project Eluüne
Project Eluüne verified in artz
Floor price: 8.0
Scoogis verified in artz
Floor price: 3.0
Chicken Tribe
Chicken Tribe verified in artz
Floor price: 1
Mechs Of Solana
Mechs Of Solana verified in artz
Floor price: 1.0
Shadowy Super Coder
Shadowy Super Coder verified in artz
Sol Gods
Sol Gods verified in artz
Degen Ape Academy
Degen Ape Academy verified in artz
Pesky Penguins
Pesky Penguins verified in artz
Stoned Ape Crew
Stoned Ape Crew verified in artz
Trippy Bunny
Trippy Bunny verified in artz
Grim Syndicate
Grim Syndicate verified in artz
Portals verified in artz
Solsteads verified in artz
Solana Monkey Business
Solana Monkey Business verified in artz
Q3 2021

Conceptualization, research and defining gaps in the conventional NFT Marketplace checked

Designing, building and testing Alpha Marketplace checked

Q4 2021

Launching Alpha Marketplace checked

Developing and testing Beta Marketplace

Building and hosting of launchpads

Q1 2022

Launching the Beta Marketplace

Mobile app development

Mobile app launch

Q2 2022

Main V1 Launch

Adding more blockchain support to the Marketplace